The Bluffs

The Bluffs are a small archipelago of large, limestone islands that make traveling by ship across the interior of the Bay of Hadad almost impossible without magic. They stand several hundreds of meters high in some places, with sheer cliff faces, and as such are not suitable for any large scale port city, although the port city of Lion’s Leap is the last settlement attached to the mainland before the cliffs begin, the gateway to the bluffs, so to speak. Seen from above, The Bluffs are a patchwork of rock islands that dot the interior bay in close formation, sometimes with only a hundred meters in between.

Each island is a maze of crags and cliffs, with only a small amount of possible flat, habitable space on each. The limestone is has dissolved in the bay in some spaces, making it an ideal aerie for many types of sea birds and other types of predators. The bluffs are home to many families of griffons that find the caves and crags the perfect nesting grounds. Also because the bluffs are constantly covered in a thick mist except in times of high wind, the griffons are well protected. It is quite possibly their perfect habitat, and they are very protective of their territory.

The Bluffs are a navigational nightmare. The only boats that travel through the bluffs on the interior of the bay are those who can navigate by a sense other than sight (it is no wonder that many of the endentured gongsmen are either blinded or must wear blindfolds all the time). Navigating a vessel that is larger than a small fishing boat is next to impossible through the Bluffs, and sails are a liability.

The fishing in The Bluffs is, however, incredibly lucrative, albeit quite dangerous. Over 500 different types of fish can be harvested from the waters if you know what you’re doing. Many of the free gongsmen native to the area are content to harvest the small, anchovy like hatcherill, but there are many in Lion’s Leap that are willing to pay heavy purses for fresh tusk eel, water boar, grenadier crab and the eggs of the dreaded pleisiogar. It is the coin from the trade of these types of delicacies that make potential gongsmen give up their sight voluntarily.

The Bluffs

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